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Wire-In Instructions

You may initiate domestic wires into a Credit Union checking or share account.  When sending a wire to LM Federal, please completely follow these instructions:

Wire to:
M & T Bank, Baltimore, MD
Routing#: 052000113

International Wires Only:
CHIPS Number:  0555

Credit to:
LM Federal Credit Union, Account#: 16694772

Further Credit to:
Your Name
Your LM Federal account number/suffix (ex. 99999-A)
Account type; (ex. savings or checking)

Funds wired in are posted to your account within 90 minutes of receipt. A receipt will be mailed to your home address to confirm the wire has been posted. You may also view your account activity at no charge using Online Banking.
Fees may apply for wire deposits. See our fee schedule for more information.



Outgoing Wire Transfer Instructions

The Credit Union can provide outgoing wire transfers for U.S. and international funds transfers.
Wire transfers are a safe and fast method to send funds to a 3rd party or to your account at another institution. Wires can't be reversed once submitted. You may initiate a wire transfer request in-person or by fax (fax requests are verified by telephone). If you can't submit your wire request in person, you must submit a written request by fax if the transfer exceeds $500.00.

Domestic wire transfer requests will be completed the same day if submitted by 2:00 p.m. EST.
International wire transfer requests will be completed the same day if submitted by 11:30 a.m. EST. The wire transfer fee varies based on your membership rewards level.

If this is your first Outgoing Wire Transfer, please complete a Wire Transfer Agreement (complete only one time unless you are making changes) and mail the completed form to LMFCU, 101 Chesapeake Park Plaza, Baltimore, MD 21220. Proceed by completing a Member Authorization for Wire Transfer form as directed below.

If this is not your first Outgoing Wire Transfer and you have completed a Wire Transfer Agreement, you may continue to initiate a wire. To initiate an outgoing wire transfer you may stop by the Credit Union or complete a Member Authorization for Wire Transfer form and fax to (410) 687-1322 along with a clear or picture quality copy of your government issued ID such as a driver's license. To avoid additional fees and delay due to returned wire transfers you should contact the receiving financial institution to obtain its wiring/routing instructions prior to contacting LMFCU. For your security we may initiate a call back to validate identification to a telephone number which must be in LMFCU's database at least 30 days prior to request.




 New Online Banking System Now Available!

Enrolling is easy! Click here to get started. Click "Enroll" in the "First Time User?" box on the right. Follow the enrollment instructions and your access is immediately activated!



  • Access 24 hours a day from any device connected to the internet
  • 128 bit encryption means that your information and transactions are secure
  • Existing Internet Branch users must create a new User ID and password 
  • (called logon ID and security code)
  • Setup a passphrase and image (to ensure you reached our website on future logins)
  • Streamlined challenge questions (only 3 to setup)
  • Easy self-service option to reset your login ID and security code (password)


  • E-statements and mobile banking available (sign up through the “self-service” tab)
  • Optional Internet Bill Pay service available (checking account required)
  • Account balances and information on all deposit & loan accounts
  • 23 months of account history available
  • Setup customized e-mail and text alerts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or to your loan
  • Link your account to your other LMFCU accounts
  • Account transfers are posted immediately and balances are always up to the minute
  • Request a withdrawal by check or MoneyMover
  • Self-Service forms for check stop payment, check re-order and copy request and statement re-print
  • Download to Quicken or CSV format
  • View pending VISA check card transactions
  • Checking account not required

  Optional Internet Bill Pay service available.


 Touch Tone Teller

Touch Tone Teller is our voice response system that allows you to communicate with the Credit Union via a touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Touch Tone Teller transactions made by 2:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday will be posted to your account that day. Transactions made after 2:00 p.m. will be posted the next business morning.

  • Select and maintain your own personal identification number (PIN)
  • Access the system by calling our regular telephone number (select option #1)
  • Account balances and information on all deposit and loan accounts
  • Inquire on recent account activity including checks paid, deposits and withdrawals
  • Request a mailed check ($2,500 maximum) and MoneyMover account withdrawals
  • Transfer funds between your savings, checking and money market accounts or to your loan
  • Request an advance from your Rediline loan
  • Current and prior year savings and loan interest paid year-to-date
  • Re-order checks
  • Call up to 10 times a month free of charge (see fee schedule for details)



VISA Check Card

The VISA Check Card lets you deduct purchases from your Checking account. Forget about the hassle of remembering a personal identification number. Simply swipe your card, choose "Credit", sign and you're good to go!

  • Use your VISA Check Card to pay for goods and services wherever the VISA symbol is displayed. Over 18 million locations worldwide! This includes purchases made by telephone or the internet. Your liability for unauthorized purchases? $0
  • Use as an ATM card at any Star, Co-op, Cirrus or VISA ATM
  • Get a receipt with every purchase and detail of all transactions in your monthly statement
  • The VISA Check Card is more readily accepted by merchants who display the VISA symbol than checks, especially in other parts of the U.S.A. or the world
  • Using your card for travel means you may not have to stock up on travelers checks or cash
  • The VISA Check Card has no monthly or transaction fee
  • Take advantage of periodic Credit Union VISA purchase cash back promotions

If you already have a Credit Union checking account and would like to apply for a VISA Check Card, click here.

EMV Chip Cards Coming April 2017! 

Have a VISA Check Card?

Starting in April members ordering new cards and those whose cards are expiring will receive an EMV chip card.

All existing swipe cards will eventually be replaced by the Spring of 2018.

VISA EMV chip cards are a major advancement in card security technology, with an embedded microchip that stores and generates the information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions. EMV chip cards may be used anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted. Whether you use your EMV chip card by swiping or inserting in an EMV terminal, you still have $0 liability for fraudulent transactions.



ATM Card

If you have a checking account, but do not want a VISA Check Card, we offer a traditional ATM card to access funds from your savings or checking account. Your ATM card is accepted at any ATM displaying the Star, Co-op or Cirrus network logos. You may also use your ATM card to pay for goods or services at any merchant that accepts the Star or Co-op ATM card. If you would like to apply for an ATM card and you already have a checking account, you can complete the application by clicking here. You may then fax, mail or drop off the form to our office.



Share ATM Card

We currently offer an ATM card for members who do not have a checking account. This card may be used to withdraw funds at any ATM displaying the Star or Cirrus network logos. Withdrawals are posted to your primary Share (Savings) Account. There is no monthly fee and no fee for use of the LM Federal ATM. Transactions performed at foreign ATM's are subject to a small fee. If you would like an ATM card for your Share (Savings) Account, you can complete the application by clicking here. You may then fax, mail or drop off the form to our office.




  • In person at our Baltimore office or thru our drive thru.
  • Payroll deduction - from any organization that offers it. Check with your payroll department.
  • Direct Deposit - of payroll, pension, Social Security or any other recurring payment.
  • By mail - give us a call for a supply of deposit slips and mailing envelopes.

Make Deposits at the ATM with Co-op's Shared Deposit Program!
Credit Union members with a checking account may now access the Co-op ATM network's shared deposit program. Through Shared Deposits, you may deposit checks and cash at the ATM's of other financial institutions participating in the program if you have an LM Federal ATM or VISA Check Card. Funds are available in your Credit Union account 3 business days after the date of deposit. There is no fee for deposits made at other institutions ATM's. For a list of participating ATM's, visit the ATM locator by clicking here.




  • In person, the drive thru and the ATM at our Baltimore Office. Up to $4,000 available in cash per day, or by check up to the available balance at the drive thru and in person only. Click here for our hours.
  • By phone - a withdrawal check is mailed to your home the same day. FedEx delivery is also available.
  • By writing a check - if you have a LM Federal Checking Account.
  • At any Co-op, Star or Cirrus ATM - if you have a LM Federal Checking Account.
  • By electronic transfer - with our MoneyMover transfer system. Funds are electronically transferred to your local Checking Account the morning of the second business day after the transfer.
  • Click Here To Apply For Our MoneyMover Service!



How can I open a new membership or account?

You can open a LM Federal Share (Savings) Account and join the credit union in person at our Baltimore office, through the mail, or right from this web site. Click here to apply online. To request additional account information, give us a call or contact us via e-mail.



How does the loan process work?

  • Apply online 24 hours a day, by phone during regular business hours, by fax or in person.
    Consumer loan applications that meet our lending requirements are typically approved in less than 60 minutes. Home equity loan applications are approved with 4 hours (or by the following business day).
  • Loans are disbursed by Federal Express (at no charge!) or in person.
  • Repay your loan through convenient payroll deductions, automatic transfer from a LM Federal account, through the mail or in person.
  • Home Equity Loan settlements are held at the Credit Union office or at one of several locations convenient for you. A mobile settlement officer is also available to meet you at work or any other public location (not available in all areas).

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