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 New Auto, 3 - 5 year  1.99% APR
 Used Auto, 3 - 5 year   2.24% APR
 Home Equity Line  2.49% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 5 year  3.84% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 7 year  4.34% APR
 Signature  8.89% APR
 Boat & RV  4.24% APR
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President’s Message – May 3, 2017

Fraud Prevention

Frequently change passwords. Performing this simple action on a consistent basis can help reduce the impact of forged cookies – helping ensure an account’s security.

Never share PINs or passwords. A financial institution will not request PIN or password details. Any phone calls or emails requesting this information should be considered suspicious and treated with caution. It could very well be a fraudster on the other end.

Opt for multi-factor authentication. Some websites will offer the option to engage in multi-factor authentication – meaning you must verify their identities two different ways before accessing your accounts. With this method, for example, you may log in with a password and then confirm the access through a text message.

Ignore the “Remember me” box. Not allowing web browsers to save usernames and passwords can reduce your electronic cookie "trails", which help hackers impersonate your login credentials.

Regularly review financial account information and activity. Should hackers gain access to your payment card information, the chances of fraudulent charges occurring are relatively high. By carefully going over your credit and debit card statements upon receipt, you can help ensure there are no unauthorized charges. If possible, setup real-time transaction alerts such as the Credit Union's CardNav smart phone app.

Browse responsibly. Open a new web browser when using financial and other sensitive sites. General web surfing activities should be kept separate.

Mark Bold
LMFCU President 

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